Mukeng Zhuhai Bamboo Forest

Mukeng Zhuhai Bamboo Forest is 1.5km southeast in Tachuan, 4 km away from Hongcun Village, 15 km away from the north of Yi County in Huangshan City, Anhui Province, China. Mukeng is actually a collective name of the surrounding area, including Mukeng Village, the nearby bamboo forest, nearby valleys, etc. Mukeng is in the front gate of Taoyuanshan Village and the first stockaded village to Yi County from Huangshan. This place is famous for its giant bamboo forest. This forest, called Mukeng Zhuhai (木坑竹海 in Chinese) or “Mukeng Bamboo Sea”, and the nearby village of Hongcun are sites where many of the scenes in the popular movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 

were filmed. The movie won four Oscars at the 73rd annual Academy Awards. It is also the first Chinese movie that won Oscar. 

By: Top China Travel